Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting it Wrong, all the way to the bank

So much of the time, people misuse metaphors and misquote famous phrases, oblivious that they've put their foot in it unless someone points it out to them. Once again, just yesterday morning, a news reader on CNN (Amara Walker) reporting the recent computer hacking of banks to the tune of $1B, said "talk about laughing all the way to the bank," and once again I cried. 

Just about every time people repeat that line, they get it wrong. What is "laughing all the way to the bank" supposed to mean, anyway? It isn't even funny. The phrase, in its correct form, has a story behind it.

Liberace was a popular American entertainer, but a mediocre classical pianist. When a recording of his playing classical piano pieces was released in the 1950s, music critics lambasted it. Liberace was hurt by the criticism, but he got rich on the sales of the record. When he was asked his reaction to what the critics said about his playing, Liberace said "I cried all the way to the bank."

Whenever you hear someone misquote this famous line, please correct them.

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