Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Effortlessly Green

It was amusing to see earth-friendly Filipino celebs on national TV encouraging residents of Manila, who suffered weeks of rolling blackouts earlier in March, to voluntarily turn off their lights for one hour in observance of Earth Hour on March 27.

I think they could have sold the idea better by suggesting that, if Filipinos were to go without power anyway, they might just as well do it for a worthy cause. It was an act of faith for them to expect the power to be there when they switched their lights on again.

Not surprisingly, then, the Philippines became the world nation with the most cities, towns, and municipalities participating in the event, for the second year running. But it would have been far braver of Filipinos to simply tell the organizers of the event, "led by WWF, the Department of Energy, Green Army Network Foundation and SWITCH Movement," to mind their own business.

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